What’s it like having a knee replacement?

Absolutely ghastly, to be honest. Very painful, very stressful and it requires the patience of a saint! The level of disability experienced for months after the operation can be extremely restricting and gives rise to feelings of enormous dependancy upon others. All in all, far from a bundle of laughs! However, they do say that whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and of course, these big, challenging experiences in life do have silver linings. They can make one wiser, more grateful for the good things one has and more empathetic to the trials of others. They also deepen existing relationships and can lead to new friendships with fellow sufferers and professionals met along the pathway.

My operation took place on 25th June this year and now at nearly three and a half months ‘post op’, I am able to sleep better than I was doing shortly before it took place – phew! I am past the very worst of things, but am still struggling around on sticks and using a mobility scooter for all but the shortest of outdoor distances. I am very glad that (eventually!) I did have the opportunity to have a knee replacement, as for many millions of people around the planet with very painful, degenerative knee conditions there is simply no chance of such a thing. Hopefully in a year’s time I will be much fitter than I am now and suffering considerably less pain and disability. Just need to exercise that patience bone!

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